About us

Denis Zakharych

Founder and Managing Partner

Living by the expression: “When the opportunity presents itself it’s too late to prepare”, Denis brings the right balance of talent, resources and intelligence together to help our clients overcome today’s challenges and prepare them for the changing landscape of tomorrow.

Denis has a passion for innovation and a belief in the power of creativity to achieve extraordinary business results.

- Google certified partner
- Google AdWords certified
- DoubleClick certified
- Google Analytics certified
- DoubleClick Bid Manager certified
- DoubleClick Campaign Manager certified


Our Agency

We inspire people to take action

VIDEN is a leading data-driven, fast-growing digital analytics agency.

We help companies acquire more customers, moreover keep the ones they have for longer and grow their value. We ensure all of your marketing efforts work together effectively.

We never dream of success. We work for it!


Our Vision

The Goal – The Plan – The Work – The Success

VIDEN believes that creating the right solution starts with a team of creative doers that can fully understand the business landscape and challenges of our clients.

We pride ourselves on delivering quick turnaround times with high quality. We are known to go above and beyond to make our clients happy.

Values we believe in:

- Accountability
- Teamwork
- Effectiveness
- Attention to detail
- Transparency and clear communication

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