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Build powerful, easy-to-use and actionable visualizations and dashboards with Data Studio

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Our Services

Data Studio makes it easy to get the right data in the hands of key decision-makers.

Data Studio services we provide:

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    • KPIs and reporting framework design
    • Planning of the reporting for different stakeholders
    • Data visualization
    • Data analysis and interpretation, recommendations

Case Studies

Learn how we helped brands to activate their data to grow businesses:

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Google Analytics tracking configuration and analysis support for the largest meal-k...

Set-up of analysis of user’s behavior system: google analytics data + google data studio visualizations + hotjar heat maps + hotjar user recordings
Conversion Rate optimization of the site
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Scalable data collection and visualization for job application funnels

Scalable Google Analytics tracking using Google Tag Manager to implement application funnel tracking across 1,000+ client jobs
Data Studio visualizations to show application funnel performance including flows, usage, acquisition sources and customer profiling
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Google Analytics 360 tracking configuration for an electric utility and gas service...

Best-in-class Analytics 360 configuration and tracking that allows to track end-to-end user journey
Reliable data collection (back-end data match by 98%)
Data Studio dashboards built for product owners and operation/content management teams
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Analytics strategy, implementation and data-driven optimization for online learning...

Reliable data collection (GA-CRM data match by 99%)
Effective analysis workflow (system) to continuously improve the UX and site performance