The Manifest Names Viden as Belarus’ Most Recommended Digital Marketing Agency

30 September 2021


Maneuvering through the complexities of the digital landscape is a daunting task that takes precision, technical expertise, and innovative thinking. Here at Viden, we have shown that we have the expertise it takes to provide our clients with leverage to reach their success and shine brightly against our competitors.

With that being said, we’re absolutely excited to announce that The Manifest officially named Viden as Belarus’ most recommended digital marketing agency for 2021!

When we first started this company, we knew how crucial it is to earn the trust and support of our clients. Because of their confidence in us, we’re able to explore all avenues and discover amazing opportunities for our company. Throughout the years, we’ve earned several awards from renowned industry leaders, but this one takes the cake for us as it was made possible thanks to our clients.

For those who aren’t familiar with them, The Manifest is an independent business blog platform that compiles insightful data to help guide browsers through the B2B spaces. The site is known for its impressive collection of market surveys, agency rankings, and blog-style content that aims to provide extensive wisdom.

According to their latest research, Viden ranks among the top 15 digital marketing service providers with the most reviews and recommendations from clients. We were highlighted for the quality of our services, our project management abilities as well as overall client satisfaction.

Our company wouldn’t be where we are on The Manifest without our clients. Thanks to their amazing feedback, we’ve continuously improved our services and solutions.

We attribute this success to them, and, in turn, we continuously strive to bring success to their business. If you’re looking to drive results for your brand, reach out to the Viden team ⎻ let’s discuss your needs and opportunities across digital!

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