Analytics strategy, implementation and data-driven optimization for online learning platform


Implement best-in-class Analytics setup and data collection (including offline)
Improve the UX and site performance


To design the ‘end-to-end’ data collection strategy to measure customer acquisition and LTV (lifetime value)
Implement the tracking and ensure data reliability and trustworthiness for further business and marketing decisions
Architect and build a tag management system to optimize tags implementation.
Design and implement an effective tracking system to analyze the affiliate partners performance
Build actionable and interactive dashboards for executive, operational, and marketing purposes
To create effective marketing instruments to enhance Revenue generated as well as ROAS



Best-in-class analytics configuration and tracking to measure the end-to-end user journey
Reliable data collection (GA-CRM data match by 99%)
Effective analysis workflow (system) to continuously improve the UX and site performance

Case Studies

case img

Digital advertising to effectively grow the meal-kit delivery business

-15% lower Y/Y cost per customer acquisition (CPA)
+2.6X Y/Y growth in customers
case img

Digital marketing strategy and execution for the retail eCommerce business

+150% Y/Y growth in sales
+4% Y/Y improvement ROAS
case img

Google Analytics tracking configuration and analysis support for the largest meal-k...

Set-up of analysis of user’s behavior system: google analytics data + google data studio visualizations + hotjar heat maps + hotjar user recordings
Conversion Rate optimization of the site
case img

Digital advertising for a local food tours company

Average Y/Y growth in tickets sold in: 56%
Average Y/Y CPA improvement: 37%
case img

Scalable data collection and visualization for job application funnels

Scalable Google Analytics tracking using Google Tag Manager to implement application funnel tracking across 1,000+ client jobs
Data Studio visualizations to show application funnel performance including flows, usage, acquisition sources and customer profiling
case img

Google Analytics 360 tracking configuration for an electric utility and gas service...

Best-in-class Analytics 360 configuration and tracking that allows to track end-to-end user journey
Reliable data collection (back-end data match by 98%)
Data Studio dashboards built for product owners and operation/content management teams