Develop the holistic cross-platform digital marketing strategy
Translate it into campaigns setup across different platforms
Establish solid analytics & reporting basis for marketing efforts


Effective campaign planning and budget allocation to maximize the return on the budget (cost per new customer) across multiple digital platforms: Facebook/Instagram Ads, Google Ads (Search, Display and YouTube), Bing Ads, Taboola
Offline to online tracking setup to correctly track recurring purchases, executive reporting for data-driven decision-making
Customer-base growth in the competitive seasonal market
Dynamic data-driven campaigns management


Full view of cross-channel user journey configuration, offline to online tracking setup for proper LTV tracking
Ongoing digital marketing campaigns across different platforms to support rapid customer base growth
Build – Measure – Learn approach to campaigns and creatives optimization process
360-degree digital marketing presence


-15% lower Y/Y cost per customer acquisition (CPA)
+2.6X Y/Y growth in customers

Case Studies

case img

Digital advertising on Amazon Ads for online eCommerce

+77.5% growth in sales
-12% decrease in ACoS
+54% increase in impressions
+79% increase in clicks
*Based on Q1 2022 vs Q1 2021
case img

Google Analytics data reporting in Google Data Studio for the manufacturing company...

The best-in-class analytics dashboard configuration that allows to analyze end-to-end performance data
Dashboards built for marketing and content management teams
case img

Google Analytics tracking configuration for ISO, ITL, IATF certification consultanc...

Google Tag Manager setup optimization (going from using 200 tags to only 7 tags)
Comprehensive tracking setup (100% of user interactions are tracked)
Best-in-class google analytics structure configuration
case img

Digital advertising for online telecom platform

+110% growth in conversions
+57% increase in impression share
case img

Google Analytics tracking configuration + Conversion Rate optimization for Australi...

Reliable data collection (back-end data match by 98%)
Tag Manager set up to seamless integrate the tags and pixels
Data Studio dashboards built for the marketing team and product owner
Booking rate improvement by 19%
case img

Google Analytics Tracking Configuration and Analysis Support for Digital Goods Mark...

Revenue increased by over 20 %
eCommerce conversion rate increased by over 37%
The number of transactions increased by over 42%
case img

Digital advertising for B2B marketing automation platform

-30% lower CPA Y/Y
+35% higher number of leads Y/Y
case img

Google Analytics tracking clean-up and structuring for world’s largest medica...

Design and implement an effective tracking system to minimize 3rd party tag implementation
Build actionable and interactive reports for executive, operational, and marketing purposes (for data-driven decision making)