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Our Services

Using a customer-first approach, we develop strategies, tailored to your unique business goals, that will help you reach and engage your target audience across every stage of their shopping journey, navigate the high competitiveness of the platform and fuel your brand growth. We use data to drive decision-making and deliver exceptional results across Amazon Ads, helping businesses lower their Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) and build a powerful presence on the platform, increasing their sales volume, brand awareness and market share.

Amazon Advertising services we provide include:

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    • Amazon Ads account audit: campaign structure and performance review, keywords and audiences review, product performance review, bidding strategy review, competitor analysis, etc.
    • Personalized Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Products & Sponsored Display campaign strategy
    • Campaign ad targeting
    • Full Amazon Ads management
    • Amazon DSP management
    • Non-stop proactive testing, analysis and data-driven optimization
    • Identifying areas of highest impact and new opportunities for profitability and growth
    • Transparent monthly reporting

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+92% in revenue +50% in imp. share across Search +58% in ROAS
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Driving Sales and Growth with Google Ads Campaigns for a Men’s Health Brand

+308.56% increase in conversions, - 32.56% decrease in the cost per acquisition
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Amazon Fresh – Leveraging Google Ads Campaigns to Drive In-store Visitors

+62% in store visits - 77% in CPSV* *Based on Mar-Aug 2022
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Digital advertising on Amazon Ads for online eCommerce

+77.5% growth in sales
-12% decrease in ACoS
+54% increase in impressions
+79% increase in clicks
*Based on Q1 2022 vs Q1 2021
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Digital advertising for online telecom platform

+110% growth in conversions
+57% increase in impression share
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Digital advertising for B2B marketing automation platform

-30% lower CPA Y/Y
+35% higher number of leads Y/Y
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Digital marketing strategy and execution for the online eCommerce

+42% ROAS improvement P/P
1,200% increase in sales P/P *P/P – comparison with previous period; based on Jan-May 2020
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Digital Marketing strategy execution to drive donations

Over £10,500,000 in donation amount; 65% more YoY
Over 100,000 donors; 67% more YoY
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