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09 / 17 / 2019

Analytics strategy, implementation and data-driven optimization for online learning platform


  • Client site:
  • Industry: education, online courses
  • Technology stack: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, Hotjar
  • Results:
    - Best-in-class analytics configuration and tracking to measure the end-to-end user journey
    - Reliable data collection (GA-CRM data match by 99%)
    - Effective analysis workflow (system) to continuously improve the UX and site performance
  • Business Impact:
    - Sales increase by over 110%
    - Conversion rate improvement by 80+%


  • To design the ‘end-to-end’ data collection strategy to measure customer acquisition and LTV (lifetime value)
  • Implement the tracking and ensure data reliability and trustworthiness for further business and marketing decisions
  • Architect and build a tag management system to optimize tags implementation
  • Design and implement an effective tracking system to analyze the affiliate partners performance
  • Build actionable and interactive dashboards for executive, operational, and marketing purposes
  • To create effective marketing instruments to enhance Revenue generated as well as ROAS



  • Best-in-class Analytics configuration and tracking that allows tracking the holistic user journey
  • Reliable data collection (back-end data match by 98%)
  • Google Marketing Platform and CRM integration
  • Tag Manager set up to seamless integrate the tags and pixels (marketing, A/B tests, analytics, etc.)
  • Data Studio dashboards built for the marketing team and product owners

Business impact:

  • Revenue improvement by 112%
  • The number of transactions increased by 67%
  • CVR improvement by 87%
  • Average order value enhancement by 27%

  • Blog 04 / 03 / 2020

    Adding Google Tag Manager Snippet to Shopify (Non-Plus)

    If your Shopify account does not have the Plus plan, adding GTM could be quite tricky. The article describes how to do that.
    The official Shopify documentation guide covers adding GTM on Shopify Plus stores only.
    There are two key elements/areas to cover when adding the code to Shopify:
    1. ‘theme.liquid’ (which is essentially all non-checkout pages): you can access and modify ‘theme.liquid’ even if you have a non-plus Shopify account. Follow the instructions from the Shopify guide to add GTM to ‘theme.liquid’.
    2. ‘checkout.liquid’ (which controls the code on checkout pages): it can only be accessed by Shopify Plus account users. The ...
  • Blog 03 / 26 / 2020

    Partial Google Tag Manager Container Export/Import

    Hey, world of GTM experts and enthusiasts!
    All of us, who have used Google Tag Manager, at some point might have faced the need to import certain tags from one GTM container (not the whole container) to another.
    If you deal with few tags (up to 10), that is not a big issue as you can import the whole container and delete unnecessary tags in the destination container. The real headache starts when you need to do the exercise for let’s say 20 tags or more. To those who have been looking for the solution on how to partially import (export) a GTM container, we're happy to share the tool created by our analytics expert:
    Step 1: Export the GTM container you want to use certain tags from. Here is a link describing how to export the container...
  • Case study 09 / 26 / 2019

    Google Analytics 360 tracking configuration for European largest investor-owned electric utility and gas service providers

    Client site:
    Industry: Electric utility and gas service
    Technology stack: Google Analytics 360, Google Tag Manager 360, Google Data Studio
    - Best-in-class Analytics 360 configuration and tracking that allows to track end-to-end user journey
    - Reliable data collection (back-end data match by 98%)
    - Data Studio dashboards built for product owners and operation/content management teams
    Business Impact:
    - Conversion rate improvement by 35%

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