305% YoY Revenue Growth through Facebook, Google, and TikTok Ads for an Eyewear Brand

  • +305% in YoY revenue


Growing sales & revenue while keeping ROAS at an efficient level

About the Client

WearMe Pro is a prominent American eyewear brand that sells sunglasses and prescription glasses online. Their products have been featured in several publications, including Forbes, Cosmopolitan, and Men’s Health. Founded in 2011, WearMe Pro is a family-owned and independent company headquartered in Tempe, Arizona. Driven by a mission to offer fashionable, high-quality eyewear at accessible prices, their commitment extends beyond style, embracing affordability, community support, and animal welfare.


Our client approached us with a challenge – increase their revenue by driving more traffic to their website, Meta & Instagram Shop, and TikTok Shop while keeping ROAS at an efficient level. To reach the client’s goal, we overcame several obstacles:

  • Multi-platform management. We worked with a variety of different platforms, including Google Ads, Meta Ads, and TikTok Ads.
  • Product mix complexity. We managed a wide range of products, requiring simultaneous promotion of both new (tested) and established (scaling) creatives.
  • Highly competitive industry. We competed with established brands, demanding strategic optimizations to stand out.
  • Amazon factor. The client’s existing Amazon store, with more aggressive pricing on some products, added another layer of complexity.


Campaign strategy

  • Regularly share creative performance reports with insights and recommendations for future testing and production.
  • Test different offers and pricing to see what works best
  • Launch campaigns in Canada

We began with a deep dive into the client’s Meta Ads account history and analytics. By analyzing seasonal trends and product performance, we identified top-performing ads and products. They became our “starting pool” to target a broad US audience (18-65+). Later, we expanded to Canada for further reach.

To target the right users, we built special audiences:

  • Lookalike audiences. We created diverse audiences based on video viewers, page engagers, purchasers, and checkout initiators – all with maximum lookback windows. To maximize audience size and optimize cost efficiency, we strategically grouped these audiences in various combinations.
  • Advantage+ audiences. We used the Advantage+ audience in the Advantage+ shopping campaigns, which was very effective for all our eCommerce clients.
  • Remarketing audiences. Grouping users who already interacted with the client’s ads or website allowed us to lower CPMs.

Initially, CBO (campaign budget optimization) was ineffective for scaling within Meta Ads. However, it started showing great results after giving it more time and budget to learn. We adopted CBO for most Meta Ads campaigns, with a few exceptions.

Sometimes, certain ads got all the attention and ran out of stock, disrupting the continuity of the ad campaigns. To fix this, we created separate campaigns for specific products we wanted to push. This way, if one best-seller product ran out, the others kept going strong, and our budget wouldn’t drop significantly.

After dozens of experiments, we focused on the best ad formats, like image ads, animations, and videos for men (showing the product, reviews, price, and USPs) and UGC for women (highlighting discounts). We kept trying new things but always prioritized the winners.

We also tested various messaging and found that novelty (“new product”) and scarcity (“sells out fast”) themes resonate strongly. Sales and discounts were important parts of the strategy, and we tested various offers to reach maximum efficiency. We noticed that 10% price increases didn’t really affect the performance of best-selling products.

To have TikTok ad incrementality in the media mix, we tested new ad formats and experimented with different content, always keeping an eye on what brought in money without hurting profits. Boosting videos that were already organically gaining traction on TikTok also worked really well. We also tried various audience targets but ultimately found broad interest segments brought the best results.

For Google Ads, we analyzed the product and the seasonality trends and based our account structure to maximize the delivery of best-performing product segments.

Recognizing the higher profit margins in men’s products, we tailored our campaigns with a gendered approach. We never stopped testing new keywords, ad structures, and bidding strategies, even gleaning insights from Shopping and PMax campaigns to optimize Search campaigns further.

One of the main challenges was sustaining growth in a very competitive environment. We decided to look for niche, long-tail keywords to promote the products. We also used a split approach to promote the products across Shopping listings, scaling the best-performing products in one campaign and sorting underperforming products in another to better control the spending and bids.


Our collaboration with WearMe Pro led to a 305% increase in their YoY revenue between August and July, proving the effectiveness of our efforts.

  • Meta Ads: Adopted Advantage+ shopping campaigns and Meta Shop early to capitalize on exclusive discounts for shop purchases. Extensively tested a variety of creative formats and repurposed viral TikTok content to maximize engagement. Built a comprehensive account structure that leverages Advantage+ features, incorporating lookalike, interest-based targeting, new audience testing, and remarketing audiences.
  • Google Ads: Incorporated Performance Max campaigns and explored advanced optimization strategies to scale effectively and reach a broader audience. Leveraged keyword and search query insights gained from Performance Max to refine and enhance existing search campaigns, ensuring they were more targeted and efficient. Additionally, focused on optimizing product listings by improving headlines, images, and descriptions in both ads and product feeds, ensuring they were highly appealing and relevant to potential customers.
  • TikTok Ads: Tested various creatives, audiences, and campaign objectives to identify the most effective combinations for driving engagement and conversions. Launched TikTok Shop campaigns and explored add-ons to enhance campaign performance and provide a seamless shopping experience for users. Boosted successful organic content as paid ads to expand reach and tap into a broader audience. Leveraged the platform’s favorable ad costs to run cost-efficient remarketing and retention campaigns, ensuring sustained engagement.

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