Paid Advertising for an Innovative Male Fertility Clinic

  • +149% in Google Ads revenue
  • +144% increase in ROAS


Effectively increasing business sales & revenue with paid advertising


About the Client

Legacy is a fast-growing digital fertility startup for men in North America that offers clients the ability to test their sperm from home and preserve their fertility for future use. It’s ideal for people who want to learn more about the quality of their sperm and fertility. Because Legacy focuses on user privacy, it’s especially ideal for people who may feel uncomfortable with in-person sperm collection and testing.


Legacy was looking to boost sales and revenue without breaking the bank on customer acquisition costs. However, the client faced several challenges, including:

  • Growing competition and increasing ad costs
  • Increasing prices and fluctuating CVR
  • Cross-contamination of search queries across the campaigns due to a limited keyword volume
  • Audience restriction by Google due to health-related content


Campaign strategy

  • Account unification
  • Boosting sales with promotions
  • Keyword expansion
  • Testing new product variations across Merchant Center
  • Using profile bidding strategies to manage costs
  • Driving brand awareness through paid social

After identifying the key problem areas, we developed effective solutions and strategies to combat them:

  • Account unification. We tested multiple approaches to prevent search queries from affecting each other across the client’s account. This helped us improve campaign performance and reduce CPAs and CPCs by around 30%.
  • Boosting sales with promotions. Launching 10% off promotions across paid search and shopping campaigns on paid social, we boosted revenue and sales during slower parts of the month.
  • Keyword expansion. We continuously tested new keywords, used more generic approaches for limited-volume keywords, and tried broad match variations. We also moved away from intent keywords towards broader, information-oriented queries to expand the brand’s market reach.
  • Testing new product variations across the Merchant Center. We experimented with different product variations for the Performance Max campaign, including new headlines, descriptions, images, and landing pages. This helped us boost our CTR and sales across Shopping.
  • Using profile bidding strategies to manage costs. To keep costs down for core keywords and branded traffic, we used profile bidding to balance between visibility and competitiveness without letting the algorithm drive up costs.
  • Driving brand awareness through paid social. Given the industry’s unique nature, we supported our paid search efforts with brand awareness and recognition campaigns on paid social to increase sales. We ran campaigns across a variety of broad, lookalike, and interest audiences with storytelling creatives to promote the service and its importance at times of rapidly declining male fertility.


Through a collaborative effort, VIDEN and Legacy successfully implemented a strategic marketing program that increased sales and revenue while adhering to cost-effective customer acquisition practices.

  • 92% increase in Google Ads revenue (2023 vs. 2022)
  • 149% increase in Google Ads revenue (2022 vs. 2021)
  • 58% increase in ROAS (2023 vs. 2022)
  • 144% increase in ROAS (2022 vs. 2021) 

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