Driving Sales and Growth with Google and Bing Ads Campaigns for a Men’s Health Brand

  • +1,124% in YoY revenue
  • +632% in ROAS


Increasing sales & revenue while keeping a stable CPA

About the Client

Maximus is an American consumer health company that provides men with prescription medication to combat low testosterone, ED, and hair loss, along with content, community, and clinical support to optimize their minds and body. Maximus is revolutionizing the performance enhancement space by democratizing doctor-prescribed protocols developed by some of the world’s leading experts in men’s health.


The company approached us to solve the problem of growing their Google Ads campaigns. Maximus struggled to scale existing campaigns and find new areas for keyword targeting and expansion. The client wanted to drive an increased number of sales at an optimal cost per acquisition, however, they faced a number of challenges, including:

  • Growing competition and increasing ad costs. The men’s supplements industry is highly competitive, and ad costs are constantly on the rise. This made it difficult for Maximus to reach their target audience and generate sales.
  • Limited reach of the most relevant and product-specific keywords for the brand. Many of the most relevant keywords for Maximus’ products were highly competitive, preventing their ads from appearing at the top of the search results.
  • Audience restriction by Google due to health-related content. Google has strict policies regarding health-related content, and Maximus’ ads were often not visible to certain audiences.


Campaign strategy

  • Account restructure
  • Keyword research and expansion
  • Ads and assets quality improvement
  • Engagement metrics improvement through A/B testing
  • Impression share increase
  • Scaling pace optimization
  • Reach expansion with Bing Ads

After auditing the existing Google Ads account, we identified a number of key problem areas that were hindering the account’s performance. They included inefficient account structure, poor-quality ads, low impression share across the branded campaigns, and missed growth opportunities. That’s why we started restructuring and expanding the account.

  • Account restructure. We created a new account structure, categorized by product type, keyword match type, and purchase intent. This strategic organization reduced duplicate ad groups and keywords. We also added negative keywords to filter out irrelevant and costly traffic and expanded the keyword list across ad groups.
  • Keyword research and expansion. Using Keyword Planner, Search Query reports, and SEMRush, we discovered and integrated into the account a sizable list of previously untested buckets of new keywords: new product-specific queries, industry-specific queries, or broad fertility queries. They didn’t target the product but the key audience of the brand, which helped us reach an additional scope of users.
  • Ad quality improvement. We crafted new ad copy that would resonate with the target audience and highlighted the brand’s primary USPs. Following Google’s best practices, we ensured consistent and effective messaging, complemented by a rich array of ad extensions (assets) for enhanced visibility across Search.
  • Engagement metrics improvement through A/B testing. We systematically carried out split tests for new ad copy, landing pages, ad group structures to discern which elements perform best and what messaging resonates most with the target audience.
  • Impression share increase. To improve the brand’s impression share across Search for both branded and unbranded queries, we expanded the keyword targeting list and tested new automated bidding strategies that helped us increase our reach.
  • Scaling pace optimization. At first, the campaigns were slow to scale. We used a seasonality adjustment tool to signal to the algorithm that we expected a rise in conversion rate, and it responded by boosting the visibility and reach of the campaigns. This helped us scale the campaigns more smoothly.
  • Reach expansion with Bing Ads. To truly capture the full potential of paid search, we launched the best-performing campaigns and keywords across Bing Ads, allowing our client to reach an extended base of users and increase their sales.


Thanks to a powerful collaboration with VIDEN, Maximus exceeded their expectations, achieving outstanding results across key metrics. For the VIDEN team, being part of such an inspiring and challenging project was a true professional achievement.

  • Over ~3 months, we increased the conversions by 309%, decreasing the cost per acquisition by 33% and improving Search impression share by 45%.
  • In Q3 vs Q2 2023, we increased conversions by 14.9%, boosting the brand’s revenue by 8.9%.
  • In 2023, we increased YoY revenue by 1,124% with a 632% improvement in ROAS.

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