Driving Sales and Growth with Google Ads Campaigns for a Men’s Health Brand

  • Vertical

    Healthtech, telemedicine

  • Technology

    Google Ads (Search & Performance Max campaigns)

  • Objectives

    Increase sales while keeping a low CPA

  • Results

    +308.56% increase in conversions,
    32.56% decrease in the CPA

About the Client

Maximus is an American consumer health company that provides men with prescription medication to combat low testosterone, ED, and hair loss, along with content, community, and clinical support to optimize their minds and body.

Maximus brand logo


The company approached us to solve the problem of growing their Google Ads campaigns. Maximus struggled to scale existing campaigns and find new areas for keyword targeting and expansion. They wanted to drive an increased number of sales at an optimal cost per acquisition. The company faced a number of challenges, including:

  • Check mark icon Growing competition and increasing ad costs
  • Check mark icon Limited reach of the most relevant and product-specific keywords for the brand
  • Check mark icon Audience restriction by Google due to health-related content


After auditing the existing Google Ads account, we identified a number of key problem areas that were hindering the account’s performance. These included inefficient account structure, poor-quality ads, low impression share across the branded campaigns, and missed growth opportunities. That’s why we have started restructuring and expanding the account.

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    Account restructure

    We have started with optimizing the account by creating a new clean structure with a division based by product type, keyword match type, and purchase intent, eliminating any duplicate ad groups and keywords throughout the account, adding negative keywords to cut down on irrelevant and costly traffic, and expanding the list of keywords across ad groups.

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    Keyword research and expansion

    Using Keyword Planner, Search Query reports, and SEMRush, we have discovered and integrated into the account a sizeable list of previously untested buckets of new keywords: new product-specific queries, industry-specific queries, or broad fertility queries that didn’t target the product but the key audience of the brand, which helped us reach an additional scope of users.

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    Ad quality improvement

    We have crafted new ad copy that would resonate with the target audience and highlighted the brand’s primary USPs, following the best practices of Google Ads and ensuring consistent and effective messaging, and supplementing them with a good rooster of all available types of ad extensions (assets), allowing for better visibility across Search.

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    Impression share increase

    To improve the brand’s impression share across Search for both branded and unbranded queries, we have expanded the list of targeted keywords across the platform and have tested new automated bidding strategies that have helped us increase our reach.

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    Improving the scaling pace

    Initially, we faced a problem of a slow scaling pace, where many of the campaigns struggled with volume improvement. By using a seasonality adjustment tool to signal the algorithm about an anticipated increase in conversion rate, the algorithm ramped up the visibility and reach of our campaigns, giving them the much-needed starting push. This enabled us to continue scaling the campaigns more smoothly.


Over ~3 months, we have increased the conversions by 308.56%, decreasing the cost per acquisition by 32.56% and improving Search impression share by 45.47% due to properly structured campaigns, active testing, and efficient optimizations.

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