Harnessing Paid Search & Paid Social Advertising for an Innovative Male Fertility Clinic

  • Vertical

    HealthTech, telemedicine

  • Technology

    Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads

  • Objectives

    Increasing sales and revenue while keeping a sustainable cost per acquisition

  • Results

    +92% in revenue
    +50% in imp. share across Search
    +58% in ROAS

About the Client

Legacy is America’s largest at-home fertility clinic for people with sperm that aspires to ​​make “inconvenient meetings with physicians a thing of the past” by providing an at-home sperm testing and freezing service.

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Legacy aimed at increasing sales volumes and revenue while keeping a sustainable cost per acquisition in a competitive and growing men’s health and fertility services industry. They faced a number of challenges, including:

  • Check mark icon Growing competition and increasing ad costs
  • Check mark icon Increasing prices and fluctuating CVR
  • Check mark icon Cross-contamination of search queries across the campaigns due to a limited keyword volume
  • Check mark icon Audience restriction by Google due to health-related content


After identifying the key problem areas, we have developed solutions and strategies to combat them:

  • Check mark icon

    Account unification: After testing multiple approaches to negate the cross-contamination of search queries across the account throughout our collaboration with the brand, consolidating the campaigns has helped significantly optimize the campaign’s performance, reducing the CPAs and the CPCs by ~30%.

  • Check mark icon

    Boosting sales with promotions: Launching 10% off promotions across paid search and shopping and campaigns on paid social has helped us boost revenue and generate an influx of sales during slower parts of the month to increase traffic and conversion volume.

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    Keyword expansion: Continuously testing new keywords across the account as well as trying a more generic approach for the keyword buckets with the most limited volume, testing broad match variations, and stepping away from purchase intent keywords towards broader, information-oriented queries has helped us expand the brand’s reach across the market.

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    Testing new product variations across Merchant Center: Continuously testing different product variations for the Performance Max campaign with new headlines, descriptions, images, and landing pages helped us boost our CTR and sales across the Shopping.

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    Using profile bidding strategies to manage costs: To prevent costs from climbing up across the core keywords for the business and branded traffic, we used profile bidding to help us find a balance between good visibility and competitiveness without letting the algorithm rake up the costs.

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    Driving brand awareness through paid social: Given the industry’s unique nature and provided services, we had to support our efforts on paid search with brand awareness and recognition campaigns across paid social to raise sales. We launched campaigns across a variety of broad, lookalike, and interest audiences with story-telling creatives to foster a better understanding of the service and its importance at times of rapidly declining male fertility.


Due to our advertising efforts for a fertility clinic, across Google Ads, we’ve increased revenue by 92%, and across Bing Ads, the revenue has been scaled by 142%. Across Google Ads, we have increased revenue by 149% and sales volume by 117%. By running Facebook Ads campaigns, we also increased organic traffic by 46% YoY.

  • Check mark icon +50% in imp. share across Search (2023 vs. 2022)
  • Check mark icon +58% in ROAS (2023 vs. 2022)
  • Check mark icon +144% in ROAS (2022 vs. 2021)
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