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What Do Our Digital Advertising Services Include?

Find out how we can propel your business to new heights

  • PPC Advertising Services

    PPC Advertising Services

    Connect with your customers swiftly through a PPC campaign. Pay-per-click advertising is a method of paid promotion wherein marketers bid on specific keywords and phrases to prompt their ads. If you aim to increase targeted traffic to your website or landing page swiftly, being search-engine based, PPC presents an excellent solution, as it can yield results right from the moment your ads are launched. 


    Our PPC experts bring extensive experience in tailoring targeted ad copies and assets, optimizing bidding strategies, and utilizing device targeting tactics. We know how to leverage seasonal trends to boost your products’ visibility to generate traffic and high-volume leads.

  • Social Media Advertising Services

    Social Media Advertising Services

    Utilize social media advertising to expand the reach of your audience. Our extensive expertise lies in maximizing performance in your Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok ads campaigns and value optimization for each ad impression. 


    At VIDEN, we offer a comprehensive solution for social media advertising tailored to accommodate diverse budgets. Our digital marketing experts handle everything from crafting personalized strategy and ad creatives to launching ads and tracking their performance. Whether your objective is to strengthen your brand’s online presence or generate precise leads through targeted social media campaigns, our team always stands ready to help you achieve the desired outcomes.

  • Amazon Advertising Services

    Amazon Advertising Services

    We ensure your products stand out in the vast marketplace. Our experts employ a strategic approach, utilizing proven best practices in Amazon advertising to enhance your product visibility. We focus on maximizing ROI and driving sales by carefully crafting and executing targeted ad campaigns. Our deep expertise allows us to deliver exceptional results.

Plans & Pricing

Look through what our plans and pricing include

  • How do we set prices?

    How do we set prices?

    We start with learning your business challenges and goals. By understanding your company’s short—and long-term aspirations, we can devise a digital advertising strategy that perfectly aligns with your objectives.


    We delve into market analysis to craft an action plan. Our team conducts a comprehensive analysis to develop the most impactful and strategic action plan tailored to your business needs.


    We review and carefully assess your strategic objectives. By considering every detail and goal you have set, we meticulously customize a plan that meets and precisely aligns with your unique business needs and aspirations.

  • What is included in the plans?

    What is included in the plans?

    Continuous management and optimization of ad strategies


    Access to support and expertise from VIDEN’s team


    Thorough keyword research and advanced selection techniques


    Tracking of ROI and customer journey through to completion


    Creation of high-converting and performance-tested ad copy


    Detailed performance analysis, campaign evaluation, and revenue reporting


    Strategic management of bids

VIDEN Is Your Choice to Succeed

Enjoy the benefits of our tried-and-true approach to developing unique strategies tailored to each of our clients

  • Leave hard work to a certified partner

    Entrust the demanding tasks to a partner who understands the intricacies of success. Rely on a company trusted by the best! VIDEN, with 32 certified experts on board, is a distinguished Premier Google Partner, Meta Business Partner, Microsoft Advertising Partner, and GMP Certified.

  • 100% guaranteed results

    We ensure you outstanding growth. Get inspired by our clients’ outcomes. WearMe Pro: achieved a remarkable 50X growth in just 5 years. Bikes Online: doubled their growth within 3 years and successfully expanded into a new market. Legacy: witnessed an impressive 117% surge in sales.

  • Get impressive results

    Experience the power of our digital advertising strategies to scale your business. With our proven methods and deep expertise, our clients consistently achieve remarkable results, boasting an average efficiency increase of over 30% within just three months.

What Our Clients Say

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Our Process

Enjoy simple and seamless collaboration with us

  • Expert-led audit Step 1

    Expert-led audit Step 1

    Benefit from a thorough audit led by VIDEN experts and ensure comprehensive insights.
  • Data-fueled plan Step 2

    Data-fueled plan Step 2

    Craft a data-driven plan tailored to address the specific needs of your business, ensuring every action is optimized for success and aligned with your goals.
  • Implementation Step 3

    Implementation Step 3

    We utilize our expertise to ensure the implementation of strategies aimed at propelling your business towards unprecedented growth.

Why Should You Choose Digital Advertising Services?

  • Boost traffic to your website

    Boost traffic to your website

    Digital advertising boosts traffic to your website by elevating its position in search results. Websites that rank in the top three Google search results get 54.4% of clicks, a significant slice of the total clicks crucial for expanding your business. If your ranking slips below the third position or languishes on the second page, expect a sharp decrease in clicks.


    With VIDEN online advertising services, your ad campaigns attract the highest possible volume of qualified traffic, resulting in more sales and visits to your store and beyond.

  • Get more qualified leads

    Get more qualified leads

    Because digital advertising targets individuals actively searching online for your products and services, the traffic you attract will be more qualified. Digital advertising enables you to engage with those most inclined to purchase from you. This aspect of digital advertising is particularly beneficial as it saves you from squandering funds on marketing to individuals uninterested in or not in need of your products and services.


    Opting for VIDEN online advertising services can further enhance your company’s ability to attract more qualified leads and potential customers to your website.

  • Easy to track and measure a cost-effective solution

    Easy to track and measure a cost-effective solution

    You can accurately gauge how effective it is. With just a few clicks, you can see how many people have clicked on your ad campaigns, converted from your ads, and more in real-time. This immediately lets you know whether your ads are working or not.


    Digital advertising is one of the most accountable, cost-effective, and straightforward methods of attracting customers and boosting revenue. If you are looking for a way to reach a wider audience for less money, digital advertising services offer an excellent solution.

Digital Advertising Services FAQs

What are digital advertising services?
Digital advertising services encompass various methods of promoting your business online, such as through search engines and social media platforms. Typically, digital advertising services include creating ads, managing their placement, and providing performance reports.
How much do digital advertising services cost?
The cost of digital advertising services can vary widely, influenced by factors like your industry, choice of ad network, and the online advertising agency you engage. On average, monthly digital advertising plans for businesses range from $1250 to $10,000.
What are some examples of digital advertising services?
Here are a few examples of digital advertising services: PPC services, social media advertising services, Amazon advertising services, and more. If you're working with an agency to oversee your digital ad strategy, they should offer recommendations tailored to your goals.

Our Services

We create digital experience optimization (DXO) solutions based on your business goals and desired outcomes

  • Digital Advertising

    Paid Search

    Paid Social

    Amazon Advertising

    Display & Video 360

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    Digital Advertising

    We harness the power of data to create highly personalized and effective advertising campaigns that reach your target audience where they’re most likely to engage.

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  • Google Marketing Platform Analytics

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    Attribution and Media Mix Optimization

    Data Reporting and Visualization

    Actionable Analytics

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    Google Marketing Platform Analytics

    Our team of professionals has a deep expertise in implementing Google Marketing Platform tools to generate insights to drive your marketing performance.

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  • Strategic Consulting and Training

    Brand Digital Positioning Assessment

    Measurement Strategy

    Digital Strategy

    Personnel Training

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    Strategic Consulting and Training

    We evaluate the effectiveness of your digital strategy. Once audit is completed we provide a comprehensive report with detailed recommendations for adjusting your business strategy.

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