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Benefits of Choosing a Google Premier Partner for Your Ad Strategy

Published: 25 April 2024

Updated: 29 April 2024

Benefits of Choosing a Google Premier Partner for Your Ad Strategy

Google introduces new features and updates on a regular basis, which can be tough to track. The smartest way to keep up is to have a partner committed to staying in the loop. When searching for a Google Partner to handle your business needs, we recommend one with Premier status. That way, you’re guaranteed top-tier expertise. Let’s dive into the benefits of cooperating with a Google Premier Partner and figure out what the Google Partners Program actually is.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is a Google Partners Program? 
  2. Benefits of Collaborating with a Google Premier Partner
  3. Google Partner and Google Premier Partner: Why It’s Difficult to Become a Premier One
  4. How Can I Recognize a Google Premier Partner?

What is a Google Partners Program?

Google Partners program is a special program for marketing agencies looking to receive official recognition as Google Ads experts. Through this program, agencies can obtain access to various resources, reports, and certifications that help them boost the performance of their clients’ Google Ads campaigns. As a result of joining the Google Partner program, agencies can build a deep and strong partnership.

If you are looking for a Google Partner to manage your marketing needs, find the one with Premier status. Below, we will explain why and showcase the key benefits of working with a Premier Partner.  

Benefits of Collaborating With a Google Premier Partner

Google Premier Partner Program

Let’s discover the key benefits of choosing a Google Premier Partner: 

1. You Are Hiring Experts

Opting for a Premier Partner means choosing experts with extensive experience and robust expertise in managing Google ad campaigns. Guided by Google standards, Premier Partners consistently work on Google Ads, honing their expertise and becoming adept specialists in the field.

Google’s premier partners undergo Google training and certification across several fields of expertise, improving their skills annually. This ensures they remain abreast of best practices in digital advertising and stay current with Google’s latest product updates and new features. 

2. You Get an Access to Google Insights

Collaborating with a Google Premier Partner ensures you’re teaming up with individuals who stay abreast of the most recent Google Ads updates. 

Premier Partners have exclusive access to workshops, training sessions, beta programs, industry research, and product updates, enabling them to garner valuable insights to maximize your results and ensure the success of your campaigns. 

3. You Enjoy Direct Support from Google

Google Premier Partners have a direct connection to Google. For example, you can encounter issues when managing your Google Ads campaign, and reaching out to Google by yourself may take time.

By engaging with a Google Premier Partner, you gain direct access to Google’s support. Google Premier Partners benefit from expedited communication channels with Google. Should any concerns arise regarding your campaign, they can swiftly connect with a knowledgeable Google representative, facilitating prompt resolution of issues.

Entrusting your needs to a Google Premier Partner can save you precious time, money, and effort. Their status allows for streamlined collaboration with Google, enhancing efficiency and facilitating your journey towards achieving results.

4. You Are Guaranteed With Maximized Results

According to Google Premier Partner guidelines, agencies must consistently deliver positive results for their clients to qualify. To earn a spot on the Google Premier Partners list, the agency requirement also consistently generates revenue and leads for their clients.

Sustaining participation in the program necessitates maintaining a consistent level of success. This entails ensuring campaigns achieve high conversion rates, which demands continuous monitoring of ad quality and performance to ensure consistent revenue growth.

Selecting a Premier Partner ensures their capacity to deliver success, guaranteeing the best results from the partnership.

Need help configuring your Google Ads campaigns?

Google Partner and Google Premier Partner: Is It Difficult to Become a Premier One

Despite the fact that this program is free, agencies must make considerable effort to obtain the Google Premier Partner status. We will describe why. 

Criteria to Become a Google Partner 

To get Google Partner status, agencies need to meet requirements (performance, spending, and certification). Follow the link to learn more about how to become a Google Partner. 

Criteria to Become a Google Premier Partner

To be eligible for Premier Partner status, agencies must first fulfill standard Partner requirements and rank in the top 3% of participating companies in a specific country, as assessed annually. 

The factors contributing to the top 3% performers comprise, among others:

  1. Existing client growth. Partners’ capability to expand their current clientele, assessed through year-over-year growth in advertising expenditure and its expenditure among existing Google Ads clients.
  2. New client growth. Partners’ proficiency in acquiring new clients is evaluated by year-over-year growth in ad expenditures and among first-time Google Ads clients.
  3. Client retention. Demonstrated capacity to maintain client relationships, gauged by the percentage of active Google Ads spend among clients managed by the partner, sustained year-over-year.
  4. Product diversification. Evidence of investment in a diversified product mix beyond Search, determined by the proportion of non-Search spend in YouTube, Display & Video 360, Display, Apps, and Shopping each calendar year.
  5. Annual ads spend. Investment in Google Ads or Google Marketing Platform, assessed through expenditure across managed accounts each calendar year.

Simply put, a Google Premier Partner is expected not only to meet and surpass all Google Partner requirements while consistently showcase ongoing success in fulfilling criteria. Premier Partners must maintain up-to-date certifications for their teams and consistently meet or surpass Google’s criteria for spending and performance. While achieving this standard isn’t easy, the rewards of attaining Google Premier Partner status make the investment worthwhile. 

How Can I Recognize a Google Premier Partner?  

If you are looking for a Premier Partner, pay attention to the next details:

  • Premier Partner Badge

The Google partnership program offers its participants special badges that can help you determine who is who. Agencies that have earned the partner badge will display it on their website, other online platforms, and marketing materials.

  • Google Premier Partners List

Google has compiled a special list of all Google Partners, organized by partner status, certifications, and region. 

You can find the info about your partner, visit their website, and see all certificates regarding search, display, video, shopping, and apps. 

Dealing with a Google Premier Partner offers businesses unparalleled advantages in achieving their marketing goals. We have the expertise to adjust your campaign for high performance and effectively capitalize on new features. Contact VIDEN today to get all the benefits of working with a certified digital advertising agency

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