Google Seasonality Adjustments: What You Need to Know

3 June 2022

Learn all you need to know about the Google Seasonality Adjustment tool and how to leverage it to optimize your Google Ads campaigns.
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Top 7 Advanced Google Shopping Strategies

23 February 2022

Take your business to the next level with the top 7 advanced Google Shopping strategies to maximize your campaign’s delivery & ROAS.
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Key 7 PPC Trends To Follow In 2022

19 January 2022

Pay-per-click (PPC) is one of the crucial parts of any brand’s digital marketing strategy, encompassing paid search, display, shopping, social marketing and so much more. While PPC could give a great boost to your business’s reach, for it to be impactful, your PPC strategy shouldn’t be static – PPC marketing rarely is. On the contrary, […]
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How Much Do Google Ads Cost: 2021 vs. 2022

3 January 2022

Google Ads is one of the largest advertising platforms that allows brands to reach potential customers through a great variety of ad formats, including search, shopping, video and display. It’s a popular choice for brands that are looking to start advertising their business online, and many of them have a lot of questions about Google Ads. […]
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Amazon Ads: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

29 December 2021

Contents What Is Amazon Advertising Is Amazon Worth It: Pros & Cons How Amazon Advertising Works Before You Begin Amazon Ad Types Create Your First Campaign Amazon Ads Campaign Optimization Tips Conclusion What is Amazon Advertising? After launching in 2018, Amazon Advertising (previously known as Amazon Marketing Services) has become one of the largest digital […]
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How To Structure Your Google Ads Search Campaigns: Google Ads Account Structure Templates

20 December 2021

Having a solid account structure is the backbone of a successful account on any advertising platform. It allows you to control when, where, and for which searches you want your ads to appear, and how much you spend on different streams of traffic, incoming from your marketing campaigns. With a well-built account structure, you’ll have: […]
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What Is Google Display & Video 360: Should You Use DV360 For Your Business

6 December 2021

What Is Google Display & Video 360? Evolved from DoubleClick Bid Manager, Google Display & Video 360 (DV360) is Google’s own demand-side platform (DSP) – a programmatic solution that allows advertisers to bid on and buy inventory from publishers or ad exchanges outside Google’s network. DV360 offers wide functionality for marketers and businesses looking to […]
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CVR Optimization: Optimize The Offer, Not The Ad

29 November 2021

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization? Conversion rate (CVR) optimization is a process of refining all elements of your funnel – from marketing campaigns to website design and functionality – to minimize the drop-offs that happen at every stage of a customer journey. It’s also seen as an efficient way to increase profits from sales without […]
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How to Structure Your Facebook Campaigns: Templates for B2B & B2C Businesses

1 November 2021

Advertising on Facebook, there are infinite ways to promote your business and reach your target audience across the platform. And while you can get as creative as you want, taking a measured and methodical approach to your account’s structure is a tried and true way to get the most value for your brand from Facebook […]
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