Do Google Ads Work for Small Businesses?

7 June 2024

According to Google, 98% of global consumers surveyed shop online. That includes browsing, researching, and buying. Hubspot highlights that 90% of internet users see Google Ads, and 63% have clicked on a Google ad. As business owners, you may be asking yourself whether Google Ads are worth using or not. Some of you face challenges […]
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Google’s Newest Ads Innovations

23 May 2024

Google just wrapped up its Google Marketing Live 2024! Have you watched it? If not, we will briefly share the key features and updates in digital advertising. Keep reading our brief summary.  Table of Contents: Google’s Ads Innovations from Google Marketing Live Gemini 1.5 Pro Project Astra    New Experiences for Search Ads  Enhancements in […]
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Benefits of Choosing a Google Premier Partner for Your Ad Strategy

25 April 2024

Google introduces new features and updates on a regular basis, which can be tough to track. The smartest way to keep up is to have a partner committed to staying in the loop. When searching for a Google Partner to handle your business needs, we recommend one with Premier status. That way, you’re guaranteed top-tier […]
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PPC Management Challenges for SMBs

19 April 2024

Navigating PPC advertising can present many complexities for small and medium-sized businesses. The companies face different challenges when it comes to effectively managing PPC campaigns. In this article, we’ll go through the difficulties that SMBs encounter in PPC management and share tips on how to overcome them, ensuring optimal performance and ROI in a competitive […]
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How Much Do Google Ads Cost in 2024?

10 January 2024

Discover the true cost of Google Ads for your business. Learn how to budget and determine if it's worth it. Average costs per click and more.
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How to Boost Your Pet Shop Sales with Effective Marketing Strategies

2 January 2024

Discover how to succeed in the pet industry by leveraging digital marketing. Boost your online presence and sales with these pet eCommerce marketing tips and strategies.
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Ramadan Advertising Guide: Crafting Effective Ramadan Ads to Reach Muslim Consumers

1 January 2024

Ramadan spending booms to $2.1 TRILLION! Discover innovative advertising ideas, culturally relevant strategies, and tips for creating promotions that connect with Muslims.
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Our Black Friday Marketing Lessons and Strategies for 2024

15 December 2023

How we ran Meta & Google Ads campaigns to turn $1M into Black Friday sales gold. Best Black Friday marketing strategies for eCommerce businesses.
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Healthcare Paid Search: Is It Worth the Investment?

3 November 2023

Use the power of paid search to boost your medical practice's online presence. Explore 6 tips for using adwords in healthcare for remarkable results!
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