How to Enhance Easter Day Digital Marketing Campaigns

How to Enhance Easter Day Digital Marketing Campaigns

69% of consumers in the US plan to celebrate Easter this year. For businesses, it’s a good chance to boost sales. Crafting a successful Easter campaign can be quite a task. However, with the proper groundwork, you’ll be poised to capitalize on this seasonal opportunity while engaging your target audience effectively. We will guide how to adjust your digital marketing campaign for Easter Day.

Table of Contents:

  1. Easter Day in 2024
  2. Easter as a Consumer-Oriented Holiday
  3. Planning Your Easter Marketing Campaign
  4. Easter Day Digital Marketing Campaign Ideas
  5. Inspiring Easter Marketing Campaigns to Ignite Your Creativity
  6. Start your Easter digital campaign with VIDEN

Easter Day in 2024

Easter is a festive and family-oriented holiday. Catholics and Orthodox Christians worldwide are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter is always held on a Sunday, and this year Catholics will celebrate Easter on March 32, while Orthodox Christians on May 5. 

Easter as a Consumer-Oriented Holiday

As we see, spending time with loved ones on the day itself is not only the highest priority. People are inspired to shop for Easter items.  “Easter endures as an important holiday for many Americans, signifying new beginnings and a time of celebration with friends and family. As consumers plan to mark the occasion through various traditions, retailers are dedicated to making this year a memorable holiday,” NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said. 

NRF: 2023 Easter spending survey

In 2023, American consumers spent 24 billion dollars. Gen X and Boomers+ tended to partake in Easter celebrations more frequently, whereas Gen Z and Millennials were twice as inclined to embark on holiday travels. About half of individuals abstaining from Easter celebrations still intend to capitalize on holiday-related deals. They foresee an expenditure of $23.41 per individual, primarily focusing on purchasing confectionery and food items. 

NRF: 2023 Easter spending survey

According to a survey released by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics, 89.5% of consumers planned to purchase food for the holiday, while 90% preferred to buy candy. 64.5% of shoppers intended to purchase gifts. Over half of buyers selected clothing, and 47% went for greeting cards.

We see growth in flower and decoration purchases. There has been a significant increase in decorations purchased since 2019. Half of consumers indicated they would have bought decorations in 2023, compared with 41% in 2019. Similarly, the popularity of Easter flowers is on the rise. The percentage of potential buyers increased from 38% in 2019 to 44% in 2023.

Men purchased more Easter-related items than women in most categories, such as food, gifts, decorations, flowers, and greeting cards.

Speaking of the place of shopping, half of the consumers revealed they bought Easter gifts from discount stores in 2023; 42% of buyers picked department stores, 33% preferred shopping online, 22% chose local and small businesses, and 20% ended up with specialty stores. 

These data show a great chance for businesses to take advantage of the holiday extravaganza. More than one-third of consumers will purchase online, thus proving the importance of utilizing digital channels in your marketing campaign. 

Planning Your Easter Marketing Campaign

To launch a successful Easter campaign, you should start by setting goals your business wants to achieve whether you are anticipating a surge in sales, aiming to promote new products, or clear out existing inventory. Or your goal is to foster brand awareness during the holiday season. Remember that a digital marketing strategy centered on holidays like Easter Day should have distinctly outlined objectives. Define your budget and research to choose the most suitable ideas to improve your Easter marketing campaign. 

Easter Day Digital Marketing Campaign Ideas

Build a Personalized Landing Page

Start with preparing Easter-optimized landing pages. It’s a great way to promote products or services without rebuilding your website completely. For example, targeting keywords such as ‘Easter chocolate gift ideas’ can lead the site visitors to a dedicated landing page. This page can display the special offer of the product or provide a discount. 

Follow these tips to create an effective Easter landing page: 

  • Develop designs and compelling content bespoken to your target audience. Choose Easter-related keywords for SEO optimization and use easy-to-understand messaging. Implement festive imagery, such as Easter eggs, bunnies, and spring flowers. Keep your landing page clean, visually appealing, and aligned with your brand identity. 
  • Keep in mind user experience while building your landing page. By providing a seamless and intuitive experience, landing pages reduce friction and encourage visitors to complete the transaction. 
  • If you’re running Easter-specific promotions, prominently feature them on your landing page. Implement banners, countdown timers, or interactive elements to entice visitors and encourage conversions. Strategically place CTAs to guide visitors toward the desired actions.  
  • The number of consumers purchasing products and services via phone rises quickly. That’s why it’s important to develop a mobile-friendly landing page. Make sure to create an easter landing page that looks good on desktop and great on mobile.  
  • VIDEN, a team of digital analytics experts, is convinced that optimizing your landing pages for conversions is crucial. Remember that the landing page ensures visitors find exactly what they were promised and thus increases the likelihood of purchasing.   

Landing pages are crucial to the post-click experience, bridging your advertisements and conversions. By creating optimized landing pages tailored to your target audience and campaign objectives, you can maximize the impact of your marketing efforts and thus drive growth around Easter Day.  

Use Paid Social Media 

With the growth of social network usage, advertising on social media has become a significant promotion channel. If your business offers special Easter promotions or discounts, amplify your messages to a wider audience by creating compelling ads. For example, you can roll out Meta ads encouraging users to visit the landing page tailored to Easter Day. Visitors can find an invitation to participate in an online Easter egg hunt across the page, with the eggs scattered amongst the Easter recipes. Thus, you can boost engagement while attracting new leads by promoting your brand. 

Use these tips on successful Easter advertising: 

  • Keep in mind that you need to plan ad campaigns weeks or even months in advance. Last-minute scheduling of ads could have a detrimental impact on the results. Seasonal products and promotions significantly sway consumers, especially during the holiday season.
  • Selecting the appropriate audience for each platform is crucial, as your Instagram audience may vary from your TikTok ones. Make sure to run your advertising campaigns across valuable social media platforms. After setting aside a budget and determining the audience you want to reach with Easter ads, you’re ready to move forward.
  • Is there a more effective text-creative combination? Remember to conduct A/B tests to see which of your advertisements garners the most attention and which garners the least.  
  • Remember, your ads should be optimized and incorporate well-designed visuals to captivate your audience’s attention. This will boost engagement, encourage clicks, and drive traffic to websites, landing pages, or specific content, ultimately leading to conversions. 

Paid social media enables precise targeting, personalized experiences, conversion tracking, and optimization, ultimately driving meaningful engagement and ROI for businesses.

Craft Engaging Email Campaign

Create Easter-themed email content. Incorporate Easter-related subject lines relative to the festive season to capture attention. Be mindful of your audience and brand tone to ensure the language resonates with them. Utilize vibrant and colorful images with dynamic content, as visuals play a significant role in grabbing attention and can boost engagement. Craft emails with special offers and discounts by prominently highlighting Easter sales or exclusive offers in your email. Or develop a unique edition of your Newsletter. 

Leverage Influencer Partnership

Identify relevant influencers whose niche aligns with your brand and target audience. Send your products and wait for their review on social media platforms. It also could be sponsored posts, giveaways, affiliate partnerships, or co-created content. Remember that certain influencer marketing strategies involve exchanging products or offering a portion of your audience in return for influence. 

These digital marketing ideas can help you plan your digital campaign for Easter Day.  

Inspiring Easter Marketing Campaigns to Ignite Your Creativity

The Cadbury Worldwide Hide is an expansive virtual Easter egg hunt that allows participants to conceal digital Easter eggs in diverse global settings, ranging from secluded landscapes to vibrant urban areas and renowned cultural landmarks. Afterward, participants can invite their loved ones to embark on an exhilarating egg hunt using the Worldwide Hide platform. This innovative initiative breathes new life into a timeless tradition, embracing Easter themes of generosity, familial bonds, and unity.

Lindt’s Easter marketing strategy revolved around its website, which hosted an interactive virtual Easter egg hunt. Users could navigate through the site to discover virtual golden bunnies and those who successfully found them were treated to discounts and prizes. This initiative perfectly resonates with Lindt’s brand identity, emphasizing enjoyment and indulgence.

McDonald’s advertisements with the slogan “The hunt isn’t over yet” reassure customers that there’s still a delightful surprise waiting to be discovered, conveniently accessible at nearby McDonald’s outlets. What’s more, this treasure hunt is available all year round. The brilliance of this McDonald’s ad lies in its clever use of the iconic Big Mac imagery painted onto an egg, perfectly timed to coincide with Easter festivities.

Start your Easter digital campaign with VIDEN

Ready to grow your online sales? Contact VIDEN to launch a successful Easter campaign.   

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