Partial Google Tag Manager Container Export/Import

17 July 2020


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Hey, world of GTM experts and enthusiasts!
All of us, who have used Google Tag Manager, at some point might have faced the need to import certain tags from one GTM container (not the whole container) to another.
If you deal with few tags (up to 10), that is not a big issue as you can import the whole container and delete unnecessary tags in the destination container. The real headache starts when you need to do the exercise for let’s say 20 tags or more. To those who have been looking for the solution on how to partially import (export) a GTM container, we’re happy to share the tool created by our analytics expert:
Step 1: Export the GTM container you want to use certain tags from. Here is a link describing how to export the container.
Step 2: Go to the link GTM solutions library.
There is nothing fancy there, we keep it simple and practical.
Step 3: Navigate to GTM Customer Tags Import:

Step 4: Upload the GTM container imported file (JSON), select the tags that you need to export and download the file (as shown on the below screenshot):

Step 5: Import the downloaded JSON container file to the destination GTM container:

Note: the tool automatically exports triggers and variables used in the tags selected (as well as tag activity status).
Step 6: That’s it! Enjoy!

P.S. Kudos to Alex Zakharych for creating the tool and making our lives easier.


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