Google Analytics 4. Implementation Guide for GTM

2 April 2021

Updates of digital tools and services from larger businesses always raise many questions and concerns regarding future functionality. Even product updates of a mid-size company can create quite a bustle if businesses rely on the company service. Thus, it is easy to imagine the anticipation and excitement marketers had while waiting for the Google Analytics 4 release. And now it is there. Announced earlier in 2019, Google Analytics 4 was released in October 2020. You can often find marketers referring to it using the acronym GA4. What does the GA 4 version represent for marketers, and how does one get started with it? This article will briefly walk you through the main steps one needs to know, beginning with GA4.
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Passing Customers’ Data to Google Analytics from Shopify

20 July 2020

In our recent article, we explain how to pass customers’ data from Shopify to Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager.
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How to Add Google Tag Manager Snippet to Shopify (Non-Plus)

In this short guide, you’ll learn how to add Google Tag Manager to your Shopify account even if it doesn't have the Plus plan.
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How To Partially Export & Import a GTM Container

17 July 2020

If you want to export part of the container in Google Tag Manager, visit our guide to learn more.
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