Adobe Analytics Overview: Key Differences With Google Analytics

17 November 2022

Adobe and Google Analytics are both powerful tools, but they have some key differences. In this article, we'll compare the two and help you decide which is best for your business.
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Google Analytics 4. Implementation Guide for GTM

2 April 2021

Updates of digital tools and services from larger businesses always raise many questions and concerns regarding future functionality. Even product updates of a mid-size company can create quite a bustle if businesses rely on the company service. Thus, it is easy to imagine the anticipation and excitement marketers had while waiting for the Google Analytics 4 release. And now it is there. Announced earlier in 2019, Google Analytics 4 was released in October 2020. You can often find marketers referring to it using the acronym GA4. What does the GA 4 version represent for marketers, and how does one get started with it? This article will briefly walk you through the main steps one needs to know, beginning with GA4.
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Site Search Performance [Google Data Studio Template]

19 October 2020

The Site Search Performance is a powerful report to evaluate content relevance on the site. We have developed our own methodology for assessing the content relevance with the main KPI - Search Relevance Index. It shows user behavior and engagement after the usage of the site search.
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Google Analytics – eCommerce Overview

24 September 2020

Learn how to set up and use Google Analytics for eCommerce tracking to measure your website's performance and increase sales.
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Evaluating Your Promotion with Google Data Studio Report [Template]

15 September 2020

Evaluate promotion with our free Google Data Studio report templates. The report is ideal for sites that run heavy internal promotions.
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How to Use Google Analytics App + Web Tracking Feature

2 September 2020

Learn how to use the new Google “App + Web Property” feature in our recent blog post.
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Google Analytics App + Web Property Walkthrough

21 July 2020

App + Web property brings over the real-time reports from Google Analytics for Firebase. This gives us a way more flexibility than the current real-time reports. Now, it is possible to easily filter by user properties (user-scope custom dimensions), launch user snapshots, and get more insights into what is happening right now.
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Passing Customers’ Data to Google Analytics from Shopify

20 July 2020

In our recent article, we explain how to pass customers’ data from Shopify to Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager.
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