Site Search Performance [TEMPLATE]

19 October 2020

The Site Search Performance is a powerful report to evaluate content relevance on the site. We have developed our own methodology for assessing the content relevance with the main KPI - Search Relevance Index. It shows user behavior and engagement after the usage of the site search.
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Internal Banners Performance [TEMPLATE]

15 September 2020

The Internal Banners Performance Overview report shows the metrics to evaluate Internal Promotions. The report is ideal for sites that run heavy internal promotions (including publishing as it can be tied to ad revenue) to analyze what promotions, on which pages, depending on their position generate the most value.
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Facebook Ads Performance Overview [TEMPLATE]

The report shows all the performance metrics to evaluate the ads performance (top-line metrics as well as funnel-performance). All the metrics are positioned based on their location in the funnel: from the Impressions (CPM and Frequency) all the way to Conversion (Purchase: ROAS, AOV, Conversion Rate).
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