Site Search Performance [Google Data Studio Template]

19 October 2020

The Site Search Performance is a powerful report to evaluate content relevance on the site. We have developed our own methodology for assessing the content relevance with the main KPI - Search Relevance Index. It shows user behavior and engagement after the usage of the site search.
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Evaluating Your Promotion with Google Data Studio Report [Template]

15 September 2020

Evaluate promotion with our free Google Data Studio report templates. The report is ideal for sites that run heavy internal promotions.
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Facebook Ads Performance Overview [TEMPLATE]

The report shows all the performance metrics to evaluate the ads performance (top-line metrics as well as funnel-performance). All the metrics are positioned based on their location in the funnel: from the Impressions (CPM and Frequency) all the way to Conversion (Purchase: ROAS, AOV, Conversion Rate).
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