Google Analytics Advanced Training

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Advanced Google Analytics Training

Move from data collection to actionalbe analysis with our Google Analytics Advanced training.

Learn how to build Custom Reports and Custom Funnels. Construct your own Unified Segments and set Custom Campaign attributes for your advertising and social content.

At a Glance

Google Analytics Qualified Trainers – seasoned web analytics experts with years of hands-on experience

Practical Knowledge – GA skills you can take back to the office and use straightaway

Interactive – hands-on training using your Google Analytics data

Who is the Course For?

Confident users of Google Analytics or Analytics 360

Comfortable using secondary dimensions, advance table filters and ordering tables in GA

Not sure which course to take? All trainees complete our quick interactive quiz to confirm which course is the best fit

Course Overview

  • Understanding Key Acquisition Reports
  • Traffic Source Drill Down
  • Custom Campaigns
  • Search Console
  • Tree Maps
  • Understanding Key Behaviour Reports
  • Social Reports
  • Events – Event taxonomy, Event drill-down
  • Behaviour Flow
  • User Loyalty and Engagement – frequency, recency and engagement
  • Realtime Reporting
  • Measuring Site Speed
  • Building your Own Reports
  • Dimensions and Metrics
  • Building your own Custom Reports
  • Building your own Custom Funnels
  • Building your own Unified Segments

Case Studies

Learn how we helped brands grow by providing strategic consulting and training:

case img

Google Analytics Tracking Configuration and Analysis Support for Digital Goods Mark...

Revenue increased by over 20 %
eCommerce conversion rate increased by over 37%
The number of transactions increased by over 42%
case img

Google Analytics Tracking Clean-up and Structuring for World’s Largest Medica...

Design and implement an effective tracking system to minimize 3rd party tag implementation
Build actionable and interactive reports for executive, operational, and marketing purposes (for data-driven decision making)
case img

Google Analytics Tracking Configuration and Analysis Support for the Largest Meal-k...

Set-up of analysis of user’s behavior system: google analytics data + google data studio visualizations + hotjar heat maps + hotjar user recordings
Conversion Rate optimization of the site
case img

Scalable Data Collection and Visualization for Job Application Funnels

Scalable Google Analytics tracking using Google Tag Manager to implement application funnel tracking across 1,000+ client jobs
Data Studio visualizations to show application funnel performance including flows, usage, acquisition sources and customer profiling
case img

Google Analytics 360 Tracking Configuration for an Electric Utility and Gas Service...

Best-in-class Analytics 360 configuration and tracking that allows to track end-to-end user journey
Reliable data collection (back-end data match by 98%)
Data Studio dashboards built for product owners and operation/content management teams
case img

Analytics Strategy Implementation and Data-driven Optimization for Online Learning ...

99% data match