Mobile-First Creatives: Why Worth Caring and How to Develop One

5 May 2021

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The inventive introduction of mobile ads has assumed a substantial share of our daily endeavors. The current growth rate of mobile phone users stands at a rate of 1.9% annually. Statista’s report in 2020 said that the number of mobile phone users globally reached 6.95 billion, with estimates indicating that this number could grow up to 7.1 billion this year. More so, by 2024, the number of worldwide mobile phone users is anticipated to stand at 7.41 billion.

Why Your Business Should Consider Mobile Advertising

Some striking facts culled from DataReportal say that:

  • The number of mobile phone users as of April 2021 has reached over 5.27 billion.
  • In the last quarter of 2020, the Ericsson Mobility Report has it that the total number of mobile subscriptions stood at almost 8 billion globally, combined with a net addition of 19 million subscriptions in the same quarter.
  • Mobile network data traffic increased by 51% between the last quarter of 2019 and 2020.
  • The total number of internet users globally increased by 332 million over 12 months – more than 900,000 new users daily.

Source: DataReportal

Social Media Ads command a teeming active user population daily. Learn more essential tips that treat insights about floating a Facebook ad and check the examples of Facebook creatives that showed a high conversion rate.

Read Now: Facebook Creatives: Which Ads Convert the Best?
Download Now: Examples of Facebook Creatives that Showed a High Conversion Rate

But What Works in the Mobile Environment?

The latest Facebook research revealed that traditional narratives developed for desktop showed a low recall (23%) when ads optimized for mobile have a low view time (31%). To achieve better results in recall and view time, it is better to develop a mobile-first creative – it showed a higher performance of 46%.

Another study reveals* that mixed-asset concepts demonstrated a better connection at entry-level over single-asset campaigns. We advise using a combination of video and static images when creating an ad campaign. It shows higher conversion in stirring up distinct reactions from the targeted audience. The single-asset campaign showed more unsatisfactory results when compared to the mixed-asset campaign. Mixed-asset types are preferable to obtain the required gains for mobile ad campaigns.

Resource: Facebook Creatives

Below is a tip Checklist on how to develop creatives that will bring you higher conversion:

Attract attention instantly

  • Begin with the thrilling experiences
  • Engage your audience
  • Integrate branding in the beginning
  • Your hero/character should be placed in the spotlight (front and center)

Design to publish

  • Visualize your storytelling
  • To convey your message, use graphical and textual illustrations
  • Pick captivating headings
  • Add layers to your content

Formulate your visualized story

  • Emphasize key points
  • Outline noteworthy products
  • Prospect with vertical frames

Play more often

  • Experiment with rhythm
  • Play with speed: hasten and slow down
  • Try different duration
  • Experiment with sound

You can use more tips on how to get prepared for the campaign in advance:

  • Make sure you understand your audience. Ensure that you implement effective targeting (consumer demographics, audience behaviour targeting, time targeting, etc.).
  • Your mobile ad should convey a sense of urgency. When your ad aligns with the client’s or user’s personal needs, it elicits the need for an urgent CTA (call-to-action).
  • If it’s your very first Facebook campaign, don’t be afraid to experiment with different formats to figure which ones work the best for you.
  • Create lightweight ads to keep them user-friendly by including light images or hosted video ad content. When you create an ad with light images, they load faster without lagging.
  • Create seasonal offers for perks and giveaways. This enhances the likeability and acceptance of your ad by the target audience. Perks like price discounts and other gifts help build interest and grow the business’s spread.

Using the right mobile ad campaign does make the difference. Briefly summing up, developing a mobile-first created initially will help you improve your ad performance. The best bet is incorporating a mixed-asset campaign that yields higher recall and view time. Also, the above 4-pillar checklist can help you reach your higher conversion when implemented accordingly.

If you think about developing your marketing campaign, our team is always up to produce highly engaging Facebook ads for your brand. We are happy to chat over a call and assist you with a free consultation – just please fill in the form.

MetrixLab data, (Facebook-commissioned study of 1144 ads distributed across 25 countries from North America, EMEA, APAC, and LATAM), 2016

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