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to achieve maximum profits with the leading-edge web analytics solution before your GA data gets lost

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expect a fast turnaround with a time-bound completion of work meeting high-quality standards.

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Google-certified trained experts. 100% success rate. 100+ successful GA4 migrations completed.

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we provide a tailored service to meet your specific business requirements

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Why You Should Upgrade ASAP

When you move to Google Analytics 4, your existing Google Analytics UA data does not go with you. To make use of historical data, you should start preparing today and implement GA4 now.

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until July 2023

If you do not upgrade till the end July, 2023 next year you won’t be able to run a complete historical comparison, reporting and analysis for the past year.

Google Analytics 4 Benefits

Google Analytics 4 is the most effective solution for all major marketing data challenges.

Discover how hard each marketing channel is working to bring you customers

The customer journey does not consist of just a single touchpoint.

Data-driven attribution enables you to understand the true contribution of each channel and fully map out the customer’s journey. It gives you the datapoints to allocate budgets and spot growth areas for maximum performance

Restore confidence in your Analytics with accurate reporting & actionable attribution

Google Analytics UA is not reliable anymore after recent tracking restrictions and privacy regulations

There have been major changes in advertising & analytics tracking recently such as GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act, IOS 14 & 15 etc, that heavily impacted the effectivenes of traditional analytics solutions like Google Analytics Universal which is using cookies for users’ data identification. Cookies are not reliable anymore and Google Analytics UA is not the most effective solution on the market, though we have an upgraded version - Google Analytics 4.

As the result, marketing teams struggle to:

  • measure real CPA and ROAS, funnel drop-off rates at channel or campaign level
  • properly track customer journey

*using Universal Google Analytics

Unlike GA UA, GA 4 counts real users who interacted with your company, not the 3-rd party cookies they used, enabling you to track and report accurate CPA, ROAS, drop-off rates, etc

*using Google Analytics 4

Find valuable insights faster and easier in Google Analytics 4 Analysis Hub

It’s challenging for a marketer to find free but truly powerful and user-friendly analysis tools

GA4 Analysis Hub provides a collection of advanced analysis solutions to help you uncover deeper insights into your customers’ behaviors that go beyond standard reporting

Google Analytics

Improve your reporting and analysis process with other Google platforms and tools

Take advantage of new powerful tools with the revamped Google Analytics 4 integration

Get access to data-driven tools across other Google platforms with the Google Analytics 4 integration, such as AI-powered predictive Google Ads audiences, advanced reporting and visualization with the usage of GA4 data integrated with BigQuery and much more.

Learn More about the Benefits Of Upgrading to GA4

We have prepared a detailed presentation on the transition to GA4. Download now and read it for free.

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Google Analytics 4 Migration Project Details

You choose the scope and the pace

We are flexible and can support you in multiple ways

Choose the scope

Priority is what terms suit you best

Our focus is on what brings the most value to your business!



Business Stakeholders, In-house Marketing, VIDEN

  • We discover your business goals and formulate the key questions that need to be answered
  • 3-5 business days
  • Action items
    • Business requirements collection
    • Google Analytics UA Audit + Recommendations
    • CRM-GA eCom data comparison
    • Audit Results Presentaiton/Sync Up



  • Define the data pull required to answer key business questions and achieve business goals. Plan on setup/improvement of the GA4 data collection infrastructure
  • Takes 5 business days
  • Action items
    • Google Analytics UA - 4 Migration Plan
    • Tracking Implementation Plan
    • Implementation strategy and plan confirmation with a business


VIDEN, Developer Team

  • Work on the data collection infrastructure implementation/update to ensure: - setup is best-in-class; - all required data will be collected in a proper way.
  • Takes 1 to 3 weeks
  • Action items
    • Google Analytics 4 setting setup/update
    • Tracking settings configuration in tag management solution
    • Providing of detailed and clear tracking implementation instructions for the developers (optional)
    • Tracking implementation as per the specs shared (by developers)
    • Tracking setup verification and data validation


Business Stakeholders, Marketing, VIDEN

  • VIDEN reports on the projects requirements & results to business stakeholders and the marketing team, answers all questions about the project, providing infrastucture support and recommendations on data usage.
  • Takes 5 business days
  • Action items
    • Project results presentaiton/sync up + Q&A
    • Data usage recommendations and examples
    • Data collection infrasture support recommendations

Meet Our Team

Photo Denis Zakharych

Denis Zakharych

Project Lead

  • Founder & Managing Founder of VIDEN
  • 10+ years in Marketing and Data Analytics
Photo Alex Gerad

Alex Gerad

Data Collection Expert

  • 5+ years in Marketing and Data Analytics
  • Senior Web Analyst
Photo Alex Zakharych

Alex Zakharych

Tracking and BI Expert

  • 5+ years in Marketing and Data Analytics
  • Senior Web Analyst with dev background

What Our Clients Say About Us

UpWork Rated

Set up Google Analytics 4 (events, KPIs and form tracking)

"5-star website analytics service. Implemented GA4 and GTM event tracking from A to Z with the best practices. Denis and his team are a pleasure to work with."


Google Optimize expert to build and run A/B tests

"I enjoy working with VIDEN because he brings new ideas and suggestions to my projects. He also follows up with key results and findings. He is also attentive to details and delivers good work."


Need Google Analytics 4 Expert to Fully Set up Tag Manager, Tracking, and Goals

"VIDEN is amazing to work with and his quality of work is top notch. Will definitely be working with him again in the future."


Google Analytics 4 Expert Needed

"VIDEN did a great job. He knows his stuff inside out. Highly recommended."


Google Analytics/Matomo Wiz ( goals tracking & optimization )

"Hey Upwork -

VIDEN is a Top-notch provider!!! Truly!!! I know this because for years we have run our business on Upwork and similar platforms, and we have seen all levels of quality. Because of his great success, for business purposes, he had to reorganize under his company umbrella. Sadly, in such a case, apparently, Upwork makes you start over with Zero Stars, No Reviews, and No Revenue Shown. This can be a devastating blow for a provider and is a strange way to reward the perfect performance of a top earner. I kindly propose you reconsider this practice. I believe it would also serve your bottom line to encourage providers to remain on your platform during such times of transitions.

Just Food for Thought... Thank you, Denis AND Upwork.

Kind Regards,
Jonathan :-)"


Google Optimize Expert to Build and Run A/B Tests

"VIDEN did a good job on the A/B testing project and I enjoyed working with him. His communication was great and he met all deadlines. He was organized and delivered results and feedback on the different milestones that were completed. He was always willing to help and answered questions in a timely manner."

UpWork Enterprise Client


GA4 & GTM Tracking Audit/Implementation

"We've been working with VIDEN for several years and have always enjoyed working with him. He has helped us with audits, recommendations and fixes Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel including whole audits and implementation changes. He's always able to find a solution and present findings in a way that's accessible to stakeholders with different levels of understanding."


Case Studies

case img

Virgin Voyages – GA4 web and app tracking accuracy

GA UA vs. GA4 data matching is...

case img

Virgin Voyages – GA4 migration

GA UA vs. GA4 data matching is...

case img

Google Analytics data reporting in Google Data Studio for the manufacturing company

The best-in-class analytics dashboard configuration that allows...

case img

Google Analytics tracking configuration for ISO, ITL, IATF certification consultancy

Google Tag Manager setup optimization (going from...

case img

Google Analytics tracking configuration + Conversion Rate optimization for Australian wedding agency

Reliable data collection (back-end data match by...

Frequently Asked Questions

    • What will happen if I don't make the switch to GA4?
    • Many people are still asking “Should I use GA4 or Universal Analytics?” The truth is, if you don't make the switch to GA4, your business will miss out on all the benefits that GA4 has to offer. And eventually, Google will make Universal Analytics completely obsolete, and you will not be able to access your Universal Analytics data or view your reports. Although Google has not yet announced the date when this will happen, it’s better to start making the switch now while there is still enough time.
    • What happens to our Universal Analytics data when we migrate to GA4?
    • When you migrate to GA4, you will still have access to all your data from Universal Analytics for six months (after July 1 2023). However, it’s important to note that when you compare GA4 vs GA3, the former uses a different data model than Universal Analytics, so you won't be able to merge your data. And if you want to hold onto your Universal Analytics data indefinitely, then it’s important that you export your historical UA reports during the six-month period, or you risk losing your data.
    • How long does GA4 implementation take?
    • Depends on the project: the complexity of the site, the present GA UA or/and GA4 setup, the quality of the present setup, the availability of resources of the development team. On average, implementation time ranges from 1 week to 3 weeks, not counting the time it takes for developers to implement tracking codes as per with our detailed guidelines/instructions.
    • Will GA4 have historical data?
    • No, Google Analytics has a different data scheme: event-based vs GA UA sessions-based and it's not possible to backfill your new GA4 property with historical data of GA UA. GA4 property only collects data going forward.
    • Is developers' involvement required for GA4 implementation?
    • It depends on the project, we're able to set up the tracking within GTM only for most of the websites, however for more complicated or not standard use cases like websites with very sophisticated structure and user journey, the dev assistance is required. Please book a consultation or finish 'get a quote' quiz to have an estimation for your project
    • Do you provide training and/or ongoing support with GA4?
    • Yes, we provide both training and ongoing support.

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