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3 Non-obvious Facebook (Meta) Ads Hacks to 5X Your Conversions

Published: 3 October 2023

Updated: 29 January 2024

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Vadim is a digital advertising expert @VIDEN with diverse marketing experience, focused on driving results for brands across Meta Ads, Google Ads & more.
3 Non-obvious Facebook (Meta) Ads Hacks to 5X Your Conversions

It’s almost 2024, but many advertisers are still running their ads as if it’s the 2010s. Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has changed a lot over the years, with each new month now bringing more tweaks and updates than we used to see in a whole year back in the day. Now, here’s a little food for thought: should you keep sweating over endless details and settings, changing audiences and drowning in over-segmentation, trying to reanimate your campaigns that collapse when you breathe, or is it about time to get the scoop on what actually moves the needle?

Spoiler: it’s all about your ads.

In this article, we will reveal 3 non-obvious tips that will help you find more winning Facebook ads quickly and get the most out of them.

Table of Contents:

  1. 3 Proven Facebook Advertising Hacks that Really Work
  2. Improve Your Meta Ads: Next Steps

3 Proven Facebook Advertising Hacks that Really Work

1. Shift your focus from ad types to the narrative your ads unfold

You will never create an ad that will take you to the next level without understanding your market. Start with research, and try to answer the following questions:

  • What problems can your product or service solve? What desire can it fulfill?
  • Do other products offer similar solutions?
  • What’s the competition up to?
  • What’s your audience? Who are they, and how do they act?
  • How do they feel about your brand? Scan through comments, reviews, forums, and the like.

Plan your ads based on these answers. Here’s an example:

Heads-up: This is too vague, and choosing the right ad angle can be tricky. But after reading comments, scouring forums, and running surveys, you can get the following: potty training. Much better, right? It’s more specific, and producing ads around this problem can help you find more quality customers.

2. Use dynamic creative to test new ads

Dynamic creative is a tool that involves blending various media types, like images and videos, and combining multiple ad elements, including images, videos, text, and calls-to-action, in fresh and innovative ways. The aim is to enhance the effectiveness of your advertisements by automatically generating unique versions of ads tailored to each individual who views your ad.

Dynamic creative is activated at the ad set level:

Dynamic creative activation

Note: When you test a new concept (new angle, messaging, positioning), make sure to have at least 3 iterations, i.e., 3 visuals with the same core idea but different elements, details, etc.

3 iterations

Standard approach: create 3 different ads with the same ad copy and wait until 1 of these ads gets some results.

PRO approach:

  • Upload 3 images to a separate ad set (you can create a special testing campaign) with dynamic creative
  • Add 2 primary texts, 2 headlines, and 2 descriptions
  • Let the algorithm create the best combination that will perform best on Meta

Why go for it?

  • You don’t limit the algorithm
  • You can check which text, headline, or description performs better using the breakdown
  • You can instantly move the best combination to your main campaign by the post ID
  • It’s been tested in many accounts and showed better results instantly; look at the example below

Standard vs dynamic creative approach

3. Use Advantage+ audience to find the best customer

Let’s talk about one of the latest features rolled out in August 2023. Advantage+ audience (not to be confused with Advantage+ shopping campaign) is your single-step solution for combining unique customer knowledge with the power of AI to target the most relevant audiences, driving campaign performance. Simply put, it looks like a broad audience with some invisible algorithm improvements.

Disclaimer: Advantage+ audience may not be available in some accounts yet, but most likely, it will soon be the default option for the majority of campaign objectives.

Once you find your winning ads with dynamic creative, you can transfer them to the main ad set/ campaign with Advantage+ audience. Let the algorithm do the trick and save your time for working on new winning ads.

Why go for it?

  • Meta has been progressively removing different targeting options, encouraging advertisers to use broader options instead; when it finally happens, you should be ready
  • Broad audiences tend to work even better than specific audiences, such as lookalikes or interests
  • Advantage+ audience has outperformed a standard broad audience in a few accounts with different products and services

Just look at the example below:

Broad and Advantage+ audience comparison

Improve Your Meta Ads: Next Steps

Remember, doing well with Meta Ads isn’t only about targeting the right users but also about having great ads. Stay updated on what’s happening in the market, understand your audience well, create and test different ads, and don’t hesitate to try new features to improve your results. It’s all about staying ahead.

Or let us help you reach your marketing goals. We have a team of Meta Ads experts ready to guide you. Book a one-on-one consultation with us, and we’ll share our knowledge and strategies to boost your advertising success on Meta.

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