Mobile-Optimized Ads: Guide to Create One

14 December 2020


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Why should we care about mobile? The answer is quite obvious. Today mobile is the trend. Speaking numbers, it’s 3 hours on average a person spends on the phone. But most likely you already knew that. As it’s also hardly a secret that when picking the format for your ad, the video format is a better choice. Video ads are likely to have twice the engagement than any static.

What you might didn’t know is that 75% of the world’s total video is being viewed on mobile. Statistics we need to think about. In other words, ¾ of consumers prefer watching video content on the screen they hold in their hands rather than using a laptop or computer. According to MMA, it takes less than 0.5 seconds to engage the customer and trigger a reaction using mobile ads. It’s a very small amount of time needed to build a connection with your potential customers. So why wouldn’t you use it to promote your brand?

Download a Creative Checklist to find the inspiration and apply these 4 easy steps to create highly engaging ads for mobile:
Capture attention early by delivering your message early. Hook the audience with the most engaging messaging and visuals. Pick the brightest elements, include your logo, stay creative in showing your brand identity.
Frame for a vertical format. The ads created in the horizontal format displayed poorer and usually show lower engagement rates.
Design the ads with a sound-off option but create as with sound-on. The sound should highlight your message but should not be the mainline. For this purpose, you can develop involving storytelling, however, remember to keep it short. It’s always a better option to draw attention during the first seconds of your video.
Play with different styles and ideas. That’s actually the best you can do to find your better ad – experiment with various designs, images and creatives. To learn more about which creatives convert the best download the guide with the examples advised by Facebook that showed a high conversion rate.

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