How to Advertise on Instagram Like a Pro: 11 Effective Tactics for eCommerce

5 January 2023

Learn how to use Instagram advertising to grow your eCommerce business. These 11 tips will help you create successful ads that convert!
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E-Commerce: 5 Hacks to Increase Your Instagram Post Engagement

2 February 2021

With over 1 billion active users per month, Instagram is an important tool for businesses to expand their brand outreach and prospective clientele. In comparison to Facebook, Instagram can generate over 4 x more interactions. And engagement rate is one of the most important metrics (after the channel and platform incrementality) you would like to analyze while posting on Instagram. Why? The more feedback you get, the more the audience is involved in the message you translate, the higher chance of a purchase. We’ve prepared some unobvious tricks that help e-Commerce brands to increase their engagement rate.
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Create Highly Engaging Instagram Stories

11 January 2021

Instagram Stories are just booming right now. Talking numbers, it’s 1 billion Stories that are shared every day through Facebook and Instagram and 2 million advertisers that are using Stories ads. People love to watch Stories more than scrolling their feed. According to a survey conducted by Facebook, 57% of users shared that Stories make them feel like they belong to a larger community and 73% of participants expressed that watching Stories helps them learn and experience new things outside their everyday lives.
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Mobile-Optimized Ads: Why You Need to Optimize Your Ads for Mobile

14 December 2020

Learn how to optimize your ads for mobile viewing, so you can ensure that they look great and are effective no matter where your customers are.
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Facebook Drops Restrictions On Text In Ad Images

7 October 2020

A major update hit Facebook advertisers ― Facebook’s rule, limiting text on main images in ads to less than 20% is finally gone. Although the official statement is yet to be released, as shared by social media expert Matt Navarra on Twitter, Facebook has directly contacted multiple marketers, informing them of the development in their policies.
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