Apple Announced an App Tracking Transparency Framework (Part I)

8 January 2021

Last summer (June 2020) Apple introduced a new iOS 14 App Tracking Transparency framework. It is not really exciting news for businesses, which closely work with any app-related data. And here is why.
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Announcement: VIDEN becomes a Google Premier Partner

21 December 2020

We are very excited about earning and receiving the Premier Partner badge! What does being a Premier Partner mean?
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Announcement: VIDEN becomes a Hi-Tech Park Resident

21 July 2020

We are delighted to announce that VIDEN has become the resident of Hi-Tech Park (HTP). HTP is a Belarusian analog of the Silicon Valley, that provides a unique business environment for IT businesses. We have proved our expertise and have been honored to become the part of it. This will provide our clients, our team and our company with even more opportunities for further growth and development. Kudos to our team who has been an integral part of VIDEN. We will keep on rocking.
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